(formerly SafeLi)

Who We Are

COnovate is commercializing a novel carbon-based nanomaterial that is the world’s only form of solid carbon monoxide (CO)—this material offers cost competitive scalability and the opportunity for seamless adoption as a battery anode material and ultimately many other applications.

What Are We Up To

We are excited to report progress on a number of fronts over the past couple of months.

  • As you can see from above, we are excited to report we changed our name from SafeLi LLC to COnovate, Inc. We believe this name better reflects our focus on our material and innovation. We are now a Delaware C corporation as part of this conversion which was needed as we begin to look for outside investment. We will be busy over the next few weeks updating our corporate identity and managing various administrative tasks associated with this change.

  • We are introducing a new trade name for our product. Going forward, it will be called COPHITETM material to highlight our focus on replacing graphite as a commercial anode material for lithium-ion batteries. We are looking forward to building value around our new product name.

Where We Are Headed

Our present focus is on scaling our process to enable broader battery testing with our collaborators, a necessary step on the road to full scale production. A key part of this effort is to lever $600k in DOE funding to Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) under a Battery Manufacturing Lab Call to progress our ability to deliver our COPHITE material into commercial markets. ANL has world renowned battery material expertise and scaling experience that will be invaluable as we work toward higher volumes of our material. We have also added two advisors who are helping shape our production strategy. Dr. Yakov Kutsovsky, former CTO and Chief Scientific Officer at Cabot Corporation, and Dr. Miodrag Oljaca, former Technology Director at Cabot, bring a wealth of process development experience for advanced carbon and battery materials. Over the past few months, both have made major contributions in support of our efforts to deliver cost competitive materials with our platform, and we look forward to their future contribution.

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